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LA - Louisiana Massage Continuing Education Provider LAP185



12 to 24 hour courses

12 hours - Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice - LCEU0003375

12 hours - Introduction to Sports Massage - LCEU0003356

12 hours - Introduction to Reflexology - LCEU0003355

12 hours - The Massage Therapist Survival Guide - LCEU0003359

12 hours - Ultimate Massage Techniques - LCEU0003361

14 hours - Hands, Wrists & Forearms - LCEU0003352

14 hours - Sciatica -  LCEU0003362

14 hours - Stress Management - LCEU0003363

18 hours - Pregnancy Massage - LCEU0003344

24 hours - Massage Modalities A-Z - LCEU0003343

Other Approved Courses - Varied Hours

3 hours - Mental Health Guide for Massage Therapists - LCEU0003365

4 hours - Fibromyalgia - LCEU0003350

4 hours - Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy - LCEU0003354

5 hours - Geriatric Massage - LCEU0003351

5 hours - Headaches, Causes and Trends - LCEU0003353

6 hours - Lymphatic System - LCEU0003357

6 hours - Professional Ethics Standard V - LCEU0003358

8 hours - Influenza: Flu & Virus  - LCEU0003364

8 hours - TMJ Disorders  - LCEU0003360

Are We Accepted?
To Renew You Need:
12 CE Hours
Every Year
Breakdown of hours:
Must be LA Approved (has LCEU#)
With Us, You Can:
You can take ALL 12 CE Hours online with us. Above is a list of our approved courses.
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This will list all courses approved and not. Please see the approved list of courses above.

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Next Steps

  1. Order Courses or Packages by going to
    The best part is you have one year to take exams.
  2. Login to your CEMassage Account and click 1-Course Study Material to get started.
  3. Once there, you can access the reading material by clicking "Open Course." Further directions are given for each individual course, but for each course, you can download it as a PDF file. All of the Exam Questions are given ahead of time within this Material.
  4. Exam Time! Must receive a 70% to pass. Go into your account and click 2- Take Exam. Exams are treated as "open book" and are not timed. You can save your exam and come back later.
  5. If you pass, you will receive a certificate. Certificates and Transcripts are all stored within your CEMassage account. To access: Click "Completed Certificates" within your account.

Louisiana Board Information

Contact Information
Phone: 1-225-756-3488
Fax: 1-225-756-3493
Quick facts
Renewal: March 31st Each Year
Initial Schooling: 500 hours

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & Tennessee: For licensed Massage Therapists who have their license number with the associated state listed within their account prior to taking an exam, we submit credits for each accepted course directly to your board.

Louisiana: For licensed Massage Therapists who have their license number and Louisiana selected within their account, we submit credits to LA for each approved course. Louisiana therapists – Please visit to view our current list of approved courses PRIOR to taking an exam (as course listings can change); no exchanges or refunds will be granted. Only courses that appear on our LA webpage with an LCEU number are approved for LA. We do not submit credit for courses not approved by Louisiana.

For all other states, entities, and board certification, it is your responsibility to submit credits to your appropriate licensing/certification board for each accepted course by your board. While we do our best to provide current and accurate information, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure acceptance. Generally, you will have to submit the certificates during the renewal process or upon being audited. Your certificates are always available inside your account. We do not guarantee approval for each course for each state. NOT all courses are approved, even if we are approved directly by the state (our provider numbers will appear on each certificate regardless of approval). Note: This list is subject to change.

  • Verify All Information, Requirements, and Hours Required by your Board prior to ordering.
  • Verify all renewal information and the courses you can and cannot take with us as each renewing entity is different.
  • The above information is on a "state" level. Be sure to check your local city and county regulations as they may require continuing education or have specific requirements for licensing and/or renewal.
  • Laws frequently change. If you see any errors, please contact us so that we may correct the information listed above.

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Last Updated: May 25th, 2023