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Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy
Course ID: 70182174 & LCEU3354

An Exclusive Online CE Massage® Course

Number of CE Hours: 4 hrs

Online / Home Study Course

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    • Course Information

      Course Name: Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy
      Number of Hours: 4 hours
      NCBTMB Course ID: 70182174
      FL, GA, MI, SC, TN Tracking Number: 20-768830
      Louisiana Course Number: LCEU0003354
      NCBTMB Provider Name: My CE National
      NCBTMB Provider #: 451576-11

    • Course Description

      Course Description: Craniosacral Therapy is built around the concept that we have craniosacral fluid that runs throughout our bodies. When balanced, the body finds homeostasis and runs like a well-tuned machine. When this fluid is out of balance, the result can be sickness, pain, and other maladies.

      Craniosacral Therapy focuses on healing. It works on many levels of human functioning, and the healing journey that ensues when the body and mind become entwined with that journey. This journey centers around the central nervous system and the factors that influence it.
      Craniosacral Therapy’s premise is that the Central Nervous System can be contacted, sensed, and worked with. The client is very involved in the healing process; thus, clients can recognize their own responses to stimuli and how their vitality and inner resources are affected. 
      Students will be exposed to the Breath of Life, which is the essence of health. Craniosacral Therapy teaches ways of connecting with that essence and working with it to attain healing. There are some psychodynamic factors in this modality; students who are interested in finding the links between mind, body, and healing will find this modality fascinating.
      Craniosacral Therapy has been known to help with many issues. Your clients may want to take a truly interactive approach to their healing processes; this modality encourages this. If you are looking for an innovative way to approach pain relief and healing with your clientele, this course is for you!

      Goal: Upon completing this course, the student will be able to identify the elements of Craniosacral Therapy, explain the Breath of Life, and compare and contrast Craniosacral Therapy versus Craniosacral Biodynamics, and identify many conditions that Craniosacral Therapy may help manage or alleviate.

    • Course Objectives

      Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to master the following objectives with a minimum of 70% accuracy:

      Discuss how Craniosacral Therapy builds upon the concept of “primary respiration.”
      List the principles of Osteopathy, also known as Osteopathic Medicine.
      Clarify “Somatic Dysfunction.”
      Define the term “tenets.”
      Discuss Dr. Sutherland’s “Breath of Life.”
      Explain the concept of “Inertial Patterning.”
      Expound upon the elements in the Biodynamic Approach.
      List some of the conditions that may be helped by Positional Release.
      Define “Structured Mobilization.”
      List the 16 main conditions that Dr. Upledger centered on.
      Explain how structural problems can impact the symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and Learning Disabilities.
      Categorize the characteristics of psychological disorders.
      Define the ICD-10 and what its function is.
      Elaborate on how Craniosacral Therapy can help the symptoms of depression.
      Describe how a Craniosacral therapist may help to treat Bipolar Disorders.
      Compare and contrast the different types of stress versus the different types of tension.
      Itemize the four (4) symptoms of PTSD.
      Explain the focus of Craniosacral Therapy treatment for the symptoms of severe depression and suicidal thought patterns.
      Discuss the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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