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Testimonials and Remarks
Generally Expected Results

"...Btw it's a huge bonus that your courses are a) PDFs form and b) mobile friendly!..."

Alex M.. from North Carolina

 (Chrystale) "Awesome! I want to work with her every time! Patient, professional and totally cool. Thank you for a great experience! :-)."

Sandra from Florida

 "Crystal was awesome. Friendly, informative, patient, and kind. She made everything go so smoothly and took care of all my questions and needs. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much."

Angela from Connecticut

 "Shay was so nice and so help full .... and helped me with questions and did not make me fell dumb Thanks You so Much Carol"

Carol from North Dakota

 (Chrystale) "Energetically helpful; excellent command of details, forward looking to a class I would definitely need for the National renewal w/out any sense of sales pressure--just helping me with details I need to remember."

C. Diane from Alabama

 (Shay) "Quick responses. Shay answered all my questions and helped me get started immediately with online CEs. Provided course names and # of CEs each, saved me lots of time! Excellent customer service. "

Karen from Colorado

 (JoAnna) "Super helpful, patient, and accommodating. I loved the personalized experience, as she helped with every step of the process. I will be recommending the website to my colleagues!""

Ashley C. from Michigan

"Shay was very helpful. She helped me with my account, and called to make sure I was in my account ok. Thanks so much for all the help."

Sharon P. from North Carolina

"JoAnna was very nice and very competent -- a wonderful combination! thank you!"

Nina from Maryland

 "Joanna was FANTASTIC! OFFERED information instead of me having to painfully extract it (as I typically have to do with other companies...) And is able to help me when I have the time, instead of changing my schedule around. Very appreciated!! Looking forward to working more with your company in the future! ..."

Jennifer C. from Virginia

 "...That was terrific service!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! I will tell my Association HOW impressed I am. Holy Cow!!! I did it all from chat!!! How cool is that?? LOL. Thanks SO much for the HELP and the discount! YOU ROCK!!...Wow! It was FAST!! Thank you so much Shay. I am giving my Association , RMTA in Alberta notification on your amazing excellent service. Your service ROCKS!!!"

Marie from Alberta Canada

 "I have never worked through "chat" function before and was very nervous but Shay D. was very professional and matter -of-fact in our communications--which helped immeasurably! I look forward to working with CE Massage for a long time! Thank you!"

William F. from Wisconsin

 (Shay) "On this my day of procrastination she was most helpful. As nothing was going correct and she pretty much made magic so I can keep my license and continue to work. PLUS she got me a coupon. Thanks"

Sacia from North Dakota

I would like CEMassage to know how amazing one of your employee's is!
Her name is Shea. I feel like EVERY time I talk with her, it's as if I'm her only customer. She is very friendly, up on my account, (which I'm not the best about!) She is very informative about suggestions on what my State & NCTMB requirements are and so helpful.
Because of Shea, you will continue to get my business and of course I will continue to recommend your courses.
Again, I can't say enough how much I appreciate Shea and how helpful she has been.
Ps. I hope you share this with her. In today's world it seems we hear more complaints than praise and I want her to know I think she is awesome!

Susie from Missouri

Knowledge & understanding to help with my needs were exceptional!

Cynthia from Illinois

"I just wanted to give my gal a mention, Shay D has been just perfect while trying to get ahold of me to see if I wanted to get on my CEU hours. Most of the time I was out and about or working when she called but when she said she would call back she actually did! Her personality is delightful and honest and I just loved her! Such a pleasant experience from her, she made everything fast and easy for me...I wanted to thank her for such a super job that she did representing CE Massage!" !

Brooke from Arizona

"This was a wonderful experience. Shay was on the ball and had all of the answers before I even asked. She is the type of person that makes this experience a real pleasure!! ...

Deborah from Maryland

"Thanks a bunch, Shay.  Got them printed and sent off to the AL MT Board. Had a great time taking these courses. They're great!"

Esse from Alabama

"...Again, I can not thank each and every lovely person I have spoken too. All of you have been extremely gracious, kind and full of energy!"

Kristen from Florida

"Amanda was very helpful in assisting me with my CE course purchase. It was the last day for the discount and I needed for it to happen quickly and smoothly. She made it so."

Amory from Florida

“Wanted to let you know that I was able to use some of the info from the headache course recently, as someone came in w/ a migraine... I would have used some inappropriate treatment (bringing more circulation to the occipital area) if I hadn't taken that course!  I might previously have not asked the client what type of headache she had, either, so it was doubly helpful to me and to the client :)

I think I have been doing a better job with prenatal massage as well, since taking your pregnancy massage course.

Not sure whether I have had any PTSD clients (they haven't said they were at least), but I have had a few that suffer from vertigo and/or claustrophobia.  They usually request to have something under their neck while supine or have the fan blowing on their face, or both.  For one person, I raised the head of the table and kept the lighting a little brighter, which seemed to help….”

Peggy from Delaware

“I wanted to thank you for your kindness and promptness.  Even though it is the Internet I really feel that from you and want to thank you Brandi.

May blessings always shower upon you.”

Virginia from New Mexico

“Please forward my message to whomever needs to read.

I just want to give a BIG thank you to Amanda, and anyone else who has corresponded with me over email with my questions.  Everyone was very customer service friendly concerning the email transactions and Amanda, especially, your help over the phone.

I appreciate this website very much and the courses that have been offered.  It has helped me tremendously with getting credits throughout my 12 years of practice.  And saves me time.   Your prices are affordable and thank you SO much for allowing us to break down the courses to share.  Bless you!”

Deborah from Pennsylvania

“Fantastic!! Thank you Brandi for your extremely prompt reply.”

Michele from Delaware

 “Dear Shay, Thank you so much for sending all of the information. Hopefully I won’t have any complications with the downloads, but if so, it’s good to know that I have you to help me.”

Elizabeth LMT

“Thank you so much! I have completed the course and on to the next...great site and courses!”

Tami from Montana

“That response was so fast! Thank you!”

Rene from Utah

“Oh my goodness... you made my day! This is great news. …Thank you so much, Brandi!

Laurie from Florida

“Brandi, Thank you! I appreciate your assistance in getting my courses and exams. Thanks for being there today. Hope you have a great weekend.”

Christine from Virginia

“Awesome! Thank you sooo much! Its been a pleasure doing my ceu's through you all this year!”

Denise from Florida

“thank you so very much! i will call amanda during my lunch! i very much appreciate your help and will continue to use your site in the future!”

Sarah from Virginia

“I would like to thank you for sending me the link to the course. I've sent it to all of the therapist I work with. We all appreciate it very much. Thank you”

Margarita from Maryland

“Thanks, Amanda.  You're the BEST!!!  I will definitely recommend CE Massage to all my therapist friends.  I have already faxed my paperwork for Tuition Reimbursement to my company.  THANKS!”

Alene from Florida

 “Thanks, Brandi!  You ROCK! Lol I have already referred your classes to my coworkers and LMT friends!”

Rachele from Florida

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