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Ultimate 100 Hour Package + Free Research Course


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    • Ultimate 100 hour Package Information

      Total Number of Hours: 103 hours
      Total Number of Courses: 9 courses

      Courses Included in this package:

              (24 Hours) Massage Modalities A-Z

              (18 Hours) Pregnancy Massage

              (12 Hours) Introduction to Sports Massage

              (12 Hours) Introduction to Reflexology

              (12 Hours) Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice

              (12 Hours) The Massage Therapist Survival Guide

              (6 Hours) Professional Ethics and Standard V

              (4 Hours) Fibromyalgia


              Free! Research course (3 hours)


      The Ultimate 100-hour package is worth 103 hours, ALL for one low price!

      Top Competitors Price is $1100.00

      Our Normal Low Price is $659.00


      The Ultimate 100-hour Package is created for individuals who need to take an additional 100 hours of education to retake a certification exam, obtain the hours you need to renew or become board certified, or by any individual needing hours. Individuals can also use it in the majority of states, including California. It depends on what state you are in as to if certain hours will count for a particular state.

    • What Happens After Ordering

      To Access Your Courses: Inside your account, go to the tab "Course Study Material." If you do not readily see this tab, click "My Account" first, then you will see "Course Study Material."

      You will use this material as a guide to take and pass the exam. Each course has its own online exam, so after you have read through the material, you must pass the associated online exam to get credit for taking the course.

      To access the online exam inside your account, click "Take Exam." You may save your work without losing it. Once you successfully pass the course exam, you will have access to your certificate immediately. This certificate is your proof of completing the entire course.

    • Expiration

      You have one year (365 days) from the purchase date to complete your course(s); however, if your renewal is due prior to this date, you may need to complete them before the one-year expiration.

      After your course expires, you will no longer have access to the course. You have the option within 60 days of the expiration to purchase a 6-month extension of time, which will reactivate the course with a new expiration of 6 months from the date of extension. You can purchase this within your account or by giving us a call within 60 days after expiration.

    • Courses are Considered (disclaimers):
      ---Considered online/home study/distance learning
      ---You have instant access to the course material and the associated online exam that you must pass to complete the course.
      ---This course is considered reading comprehension. You must read the study material and pass the online exam.
      ---You can download this course and exam questions as a PDF file that you can save to your computer and/or print.
      ---For PDF files, you will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer or download an Adobe Reader App on your Phone; however, many internet browsers have a built-in PDF reader.
    • The Courses are NOT Considered (disclaimers):

      ---The courses are NOT a video.

      ---The courses are NOT an audio file.

      ---The courses are NOT mailed out in any format. Nothing comes by mail as you have instant access to the course upon ordering.

      ---The courses are NOT considered an In-Person/Live Class nor Webinar, and will not be accepted as such. 

      ---For Florida, courses in this package are NOT accepted in the category “Live: Relevant to and Focus on Massage Therapy Techniques.”

    • Course Filtering

      For all states, you should search specifically for courses that you know are accepted for your state as some subject matters will not be accepted. For New York, Louisiana, and Texas specifically, please filter by category then your state and press Submit. This will help you as a general guide as to what would be accepted; however, it is still up to you to determine the acceptance. If you are unsure as to what your state requires or need their contact information, go to “Credentials/Licenses,” scroll down, and select your appropriate state. If you need their contact information, scroll to the bottom of that page under “Board Information.” 

    • Getting Credit and Renewal Information

      Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & Tennessee: For licensed Massage Therapists who have their license number with the associated state listed within their account prior to taking an exam, we submit credits for each accepted course directly to your board.

      Louisiana: For licensed Massage Therapists who have their license number and Louisiana selected within their account, we submit credits to LA for each approved course. Louisiana therapists – Please visit to view our current list of approved courses PRIOR to taking an exam (as course listings can change); no exchanges or refunds will be granted. Only courses that appear on our LA webpage with an LCEU number are approved for LA. We do not submit credit for courses not approved by Louisiana.

      For all other states, entities, and board certification, it is your responsibility to submit credits to your appropriate licensing/certification board for each accepted course by your board. While we do our best to provide current and accurate information, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure acceptance. Generally, you will have to submit the certificates during the renewal process or upon being audited. Your certificates are always available inside your account. We do not guarantee approval for each course for each state. NOT all courses are approved, even if we are approved directly by the state (our provider numbers will appear on each certificate regardless of approval). Note: This list is subject to change.

      ---For all states, you should search specifically for courses that you know are accepted for your state. This includes but is not limited to New York, Louisiana, and Texas.

      ---If you are unsure what your state requires for renewal or need their contact information to find out, please click on "Credentials/Licenses" at the top of the website, then select your renewing entity. If you need their contact information, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see "Board Information."

To view your state's renewing information, please go here.


  • Please review each of the above dropdown FAQ's as this will answer many of your questions.
  • We do our best to determine if this course or any of our courses are accepted by a specific state, but we make no guarantee. Please note that it is your responsibility to know if this course will count towards your specific state(s) prior to taking an exam. Not all courses are accepted by a particular state or organization, even if we have a provider number. It is up to you to determine which course(s) are accepted by your state or organization. Once you take an exam, we cannot exchange a course for another. We make no full, partial, or prorated refunds.
  • Courses are subject to change in packages without notice.
  • Verify all renewal information and the courses you can and cannot take with us, regardless of what we state, as requirements do periodically change, and our information may be outdated.
accepted by
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • and most states

This Package Includes:

Research and Massage Therapy
3 hours Number of CE Hours: 3 hrs
The Massage Therapist Survival Guide LCEU2838
12 hours Number of CE Hours: 12 hrs
Fibromyalgia LCEU2701
4 hours Number of CE Hours: 4 hrs
Introduction to Reflexology | LCEU2698
12 hours Number of CE Hours: 12 hrs
Introduction to Sports Massage | LCEU2697
12 hours Number of CE Hours: 12 hrs
Massage Modalities A-Z | LCEU2775
24 hours Number of CE Hours: 24 hrs
Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
12 hours Number of CE Hours: 12 hrs
Pregnancy Massage | LCEU2695
18 hours Number of CE Hours: 18 hrs
Professional Ethics Standard V | LCEU2776
6 hours Number of CE Hours: 6 hrs