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Renewal Info

DC - District of Columbia Massage Therapy CE

Are We Accepted?
NCBTMB Approved Provider
To Renew You Need:
14 CE Hours
Every 2 years
Specific Requirements?
6 of 14 hours massage related coursework live, in-person (not online)
3 of 14 hours massage related coursework (does not specify for it to be live)
3 of 14 hours in Professional Ethics
2 of 14 hours in LGBTQ
1.5 hours Public Health Issues (details
Public Health Courses -  Your ethics course can satisfy this requirement as well as Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS, Communicable Diseases, etc.
With Us, You Can:*
It is our understanding that you can do 8 out of 14 hours online with CE Massage®.
You have the option to complete 8 hours online with us.
Quick Links:

Ethics 3 hours

Implicit Bias, LGBTQ

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OTHER DC ACCEPTED COURSES (Not all are listed below)

Anxiety   Fibromyalgia  Aromatherapy  Lymphatic System  Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy
Washington DC Massage Continuing Education

CE Massage® Next Steps

  1. Order Courses, Bundles, and Packages by going to
    The best part is you have one year from the date of purchase to take exams.
  2. To access your active courses (those you have purchased but have not completed yet), please sign in to your CEMassage® Account and click on "1- My Courses" to begin.
  3. Inside your account, you can access the reading material for each course by clicking on "Open Course." Upon opening each course, you will receive specific instructions to proceed. Additionally, you have the option to download each course as a PDF file by clicking on "Download Course." All of the online exam questions are provided in advance within this material.
  4. It's exam time! To pass, you need to achieve a minimum score of 70%. Simply log in to your account and navigate to "2- My Exams." The exams are designed as "open book." You can save your progress and return to the exam at a later time if needed (within one year from the purchase date).
  5. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded a certificate. All certificates and transcripts are conveniently stored within your CEMassage® account. To access them, simply click on "My Certificates" within your account.

Washington DC Massage Board Information

Contact Information
Phone: 1-202-442-5955
Quick facts
Renewal: January 31st Odd Years
Initial Schooling: 500 hours
Please note that all courses available on CE Massage® will be displayed regardless of acceptance for a specific state, category, or licensing approval. Approval for each course/package in each state is not guaranteed. Even if the provider is directly approved by the state, not all courses may be approved (provider numbers are on each certificate regardless of approval). CE Massage® offers exclusively online courses and does not provide webinars, live, in-person, mailed, or video options. You must verify all information, requirements, renewal information, accepted and not accepted courses, number of hours, and specific categories required by your massage renewing entity/board before placing any order. Ordering from CE Massage® does not exempt you from renewing and paying renewal fees for your massage licenses/certifications. Note: Information is subject to change. The above information is on a "state" level. Be sure to check your local city and county regulations, as they may require continuing education or have specific licensing and/or renewal requirements. Laws and Rules frequently change. If you see any errors, please contact us so that we may correct the information listed above.
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & Tennessee: For Licensed Massage Therapists, we submit credits for each accepted course directly to your Board in these specific states; however, this submission is made for those who have entered their License Number with the Associated State listed within their account before taking an exam.
Louisiana: For licensed Massage Therapists who have their license number and Louisiana selected within their account, we submit credits to LA for each approved course. Louisiana Therapists Notice: Visit to view our current list of approved courses before taking an exam (as course listings can change); no exchanges or refunds will be granted. Only courses on our LA webpage with an LCEU number are approved for LA. We do not submit credit for courses not approved by Louisiana.
For all other states, entities, and board certifications, it is your responsibility to submit credits to your appropriate licensing/certification board for each accepted course by your board. While we do our best to provide current and accurate information, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure acceptance. Generally, you must submit the certificates during the renewal process or upon being audited. Your latest certificates are available in your account. 


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NCBTMB Approved Provider 451576-11

Last Updated: August 11th, 2023