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Live Courses Provider Agreement

Effective Date:  July 6th, 2016.

This LIVE COURSES PROVIDER AGREEMENT was last updated on July 17th, 2021

The LIVE portion of the software has been deactivated, and we are not accepting any clients in this division.  Thank you.


1. Website Privacy Policy (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

2. Continuing Education Membership Agreement (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

3. Legal Documents, Terms of USE, Policies, and Conditions Agreement  (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

4. Warranty Disclaimer (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

5. Medical Disclaimer (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

6. Testimonial Disclaimers (All Users/Everyone including any entities that does business with Company in any form)

CE Massage® and CEMassage® is a Private Education Company that provides Educational Courses with proprietary and/or other delivery methods.  CE Massage® and CEMassage® has three different levels of participation.

  1. Any User and Company Online Massage Continuing Education Courses:

The Company has Online Study Materials, Exams, Tests, and Certificates, offered by CE Massage® and CEMassage®’s approvals and credentials in the Massage Training and/or Massage Continuing Education Industry, the General Health Care Field, and the Holistic Health Care Community. You are a User even though you may not have an account and/or make a purchase from the Company. All the Company Users, no matter what type, are obligated to abide by the Continuing Education Membership Agreement and all other Company Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, and all Disclaimers, but not limited to, when any of the Company Websites, Domains, and Electronic Properties are used and/or viewed, and/or any account created, and/or any Courses purchased, and/or you are doing any type of business and/or any entity doing business with the Company in any way, including any kind of financial transactions. (See paragraph 58. in Legal Documents, Terms of Use, Policies, And Conditions Agreement located elsewhere on this Primary Website for more information)

  1. Live Classes Agreement:  Powered by CE Massage® and CEMassage®’s for students to find and register for Live “hands-on” classes at a physical location with an instructor present, not over the Internet. Live Courses Provider Agreement User (Physical classes/Providers/Classroom Students).  All the Company’s Website Terms and Conditions apply to you, excluding the Appointment Subscription Agreement (IF ANY).
  2. Appointment Subscription Agreement:   Powered by CE Massage® and CEMassage®’s for an Electronic Online Appointment book.  Appointment Subscription Agreement Users (Electronic Appointment book users). All the Company’s Website Terms and Conditions apply to you, excluding the Live Courses Provider Agreement (IF ANY).

Official Website Customer Support, Ticket, and Email System-

*If you do request information about any of the Company’s Websites, Domains, and/or electronic properties, but not limited to, licenses, credentials, authorizations, and/or certifications as discussed on any of the Company Websites and/or electronic properties, you must submit a Support Ticket by contacting the Company through the Official Support System with name, address, contact phone, contact emails, signature, and the specific reason(s) for the request and the relief you expect with any supporting documentation so that the Company will have documentation and/or know with whom the Company is communicating and (a Company requirement »)  A copy of REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and Identification credentials is required. (They have a gold circle with a star in the right corner of the license to indicate it is REAL ID-compliant) for the Company verification of your true identity.  Note: Your signature must match the person on the REAL ID unless you have the legal authority to act on behalf of the entity requesting information. In that case, your signature must match the person on the REAL ID.  In the case that an entity does not have a REAL ID, two forms of Identification will need to be provided—for example, a Legal standard Driver’s License and another Legal picture ID.  In the case of a request from outside of the United States of America, a copy of your Legal Identification will be accepted.  All identification must be current, valid, and not expired.  The Company’s authority is The Real ID Act of 2005, Pub. L. 109–13 (text) (pdf), 119 Stat. 302, enacted May 11, 2005 (as amended), is an Act of Congress that modifies U.S. Federal law pertaining to security, authentication, and issuance procedure standards for drivers’ licenses and identity documents, as well as various immigration issues pertaining to terrorism. Incomplete and Anonymous submissions will be rejected. The Company reserves the right to deny and/or reject any request and/or demand in the Company’s sole discretion for any reason, and you agree.  Suppose you are viewing this message, using the Company’s Websites in any way, or using the Company Support Systems and/or Support System Platforms. In that case, you are using the Company and Websites.  *Any Notices will not be effective unless sent in accordance with the above exact requirements in this paragraph, not paragraph 59 in LEGAL DOCUMENTS, TERMS OF USE, POLICIES, AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT FOR FULL POLICY ON THIS SUBJECT, even though the Company may have been previously notified and/or informed by a user, contacted in any way, emailed at any email, received a chat and/or text, a user calling the Company on the telephone, a user leaving a voicemail, received anything by courier and/or process server, and/or received anything by any other means and/or methods.

The Company Websites, domains, and Electronic Properties are intended for use by Massage Therapists in the USA and Canada.

Using the Company (Based in the USA) in any way as a user and/or a visitor, you agree that you are at least the minimum age of eighteen (18), or the legal age in your jurisdiction, and explicitly agree to all Agreements, Disclaimers, and all matters with the Company.

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