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Most common questions (Troubleshoot)

These are some frequently encountered problems, if you need customer support click here.

    • I can't find my course/exam...

      First, make sure you are logged in and click on 'My Courses' or 'My Exams'. Under 'Active' you should be able to find your course(s). If you are still unable to find your courses, then there may have been a glitch in the system and we may need to fix the issue for you. In this case you can call us during normal business hours or send us an email at

    • I cannot login to my account...
      For the main website - Click 'Forgot Password' and enter in your information. If you do not receive an email or are unsure of your user name or email, give us a call. Once you receive the email, you will then be able to login.
    • I failed an exam, now what?

      Our tests are PASS/FAIL. If you fail an exam, you are allowed two additional times to take the exam without any additional cost. (On your fourth and all subsequent attempts, you are charged a $5 fee for each additional attempt.) If you read and study the material, you should have no problem passing. 

    • I cannot take my exam(s) before the one year expiration.

      This is no problem at all. Simple give us a call at 1-855-586-9053 during normal business hours. You can purchase a 6 month extension for the exam, or you can do so within your CEMassage account under 'Extend Expiration'.

    • I am unable to edit my first or last name
      If you need to update your first or last name please visit our Name Change Request Form here.
    • Accessing Saved Exams
      Go to the 'My Exams' section. Next to the exam name you will see the Access Exam button. Click it and begin. If you know which page or question number you last entered, simply input that at the top of the exam where it says 'Go to Question Number..."
    • Refunds
      At this time we do not offer full or partial refunds on any course, product or appointment software sale. See website Terms and Conditions at
    • What information appears on certificates?
      Of course all of our information, course title, NCBTMB course number, date of completion, number of hours is on each certificate. Your first and last name, address and license number(s) are on your certificates as well.


To view the states that we directly submit credit for, please visit: