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What Happens After Ordering

  • After ordering, you will log on to your account on this website
  • You will then be able to access your course under ‘Course Study Material’. 
  • Once ready to take the online exam you will click under ‘Take Exam’.
  • All the directions are in the course or you can look at the 'How To Enroll Page'.
  • You will receive your grade and certificate immediately upon successful completion of the course.

Courses ARE

  • 100% online.
  • Instant Access to course material and online exams.
  • Course material is viewable within your account after purchase. You also have an option of downloading the course as a PDF File that you can save to your computer or flash drive. You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer or download an Adobe Reader App on your Phone.
  • Home Study/ Online Courses

Courses are NOT

  • Are Not Videos, Video Files, YouTube Videos, DVD's.
  • Are Not Audio, Audio Files, MP3's, CD's.
  • Are Not Mailed Out (meaning in paper form, booklets, CD's or DVD's)
  • Are Not In Person/Live Class Hours and will not be accepted as such by any state or organization.

Getting Credit and Renewal Information

  • FL Licensed Massage Therapists- We submit credits once a week to CEBROKER.
  • GA Licensed Massage Therapists- We submit credits once a week to CEBROKER.
  • Louisiana Licensed Massage Therapists- We submit credits every Friday to your Board.
  • Be sure to check your state and national organizations for information about renewal.
  • For all states you should search specifically for courses that you know are accepted for your state this includes, but not limited to New York, North Dakota, Louisiana and Texas.
  • For all other states- Please be sure to make sure that we are accepted for your state by going to our State by State Requirements page by clicking here.