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Renewal Info

What Happens After Ordering

  • After ordering, you will log on to your account on this website

  • You will then be able to access your course under ‘My Courses.' 

  • Once ready to take the online exam you will click under ‘My Exams.'

  • All the directions are in the course or you can look at the 'How To Enroll Page'.

  • You will receive your certificate immediately upon successful completion of the course.

Courses ARE

  • 100% online.

  • Instant Access to course material and online exams.

  • Course material is viewable within your account after purchase. You also have an option of downloading the course as a PDF File that you can save to your computer or flash drive. You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer or download an Adobe Reader App on your Phone.

  • Home Study / Online Courses

Courses are NOT

  • Are Not Videos, Video Files, YouTube Videos, DVD's.

  • Are Not Audio, Audio Files, MP3's, CD's.

  • Are Not Mailed Out (meaning in paper form, booklets, CD's or DVD's)

  • Are Not In Person/Live Class Hours/Webinars and will not be accepted as such by any state or organization.

Getting Credit and Renewal Information


Please note that all courses available on CE Massage® will be displayed regardless of acceptance for a specific state, category, or licensing approval. Approval for each course/package in each state is not guaranteed. Even if the provider is directly approved by the state, not all courses may be approved (provider numbers are on each certificate regardless of approval). CE Massage® offers exclusively online courses and does not provide webinars, live, in-person, mailed, or video options. You must verify all information, requirements, renewal information, accepted and not accepted courses, number of hours, and specific categories required by your massage renewing entity/board before placing any order. Ordering from CE Massage® does not exempt you from renewing and paying renewal fees for your massage licenses/certifications. Note: Information is subject to change. The above information is on a "state" level. Be sure to check your local city and county regulations, as they may require continuing education or have specific licensing and/or renewal requirements. Laws and Rules frequently change. If you see any errors, please contact us so that we may correct the information listed above.

To view the states that we directly submit credit for, please visit:

Please be sure to make sure that we are accepted for your state by going to our State by State Requirements page by clicking here.