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Getting Started with Appointment Software

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    • What to do now
      Below are step-by-step instructions on how to get started using CEMassage's appointment software. 
    • I just ordered, now what?

      The first step is to log in. You will do this by going to your microsite. Your microsite is the subdomain that you chose. So in your URL bar, you would type in: Once there, you will then be able to log in. The login information is the same as your account on CE Massage. It is your user name and password (NOTE: Once you change the password on CE Massage OR on your appointment book, it will only change on that one platform without changing it on the other). The next step is then to click 'Getting Started.' If you are a computer, it will be on the left side; if you are on a mobile device, you will have to specifically click the menu bar.

    • Getting Started
      By now, you should have clicked 'Getting Started' within your appointment software. The best way is to go step-by-step. If you logout before completing this, it will not save any of your information.
      1- You will input your business information. This is basic information. Some of it is automatically generated from your CE Massage.
      2- Social Media- You will input any social media accounts you have. Your Facebook account will display live posts on your microsite.
      3- Pages- You will decide which pages you want live and what information will go on them. This is what your customers will see.
      4- Business Hours- You will input what your business hours are and basic scheduling guidelines.
      5- Providers - If you have multiple staff, this is where you will input the details, including their information and login information.
      6- Services- You will create categories and services for your appointment software.
      7- YOU'RE DONE! There are a couple of other settings under 'Settings,' but after you complete the Getting Started guide, you are set to start scheduling.
    • What do my customers have to do?

      You will guide your customers to your microsite by pasting a code on your website, verbally telling them, or however, you advertise it. They will go to Once there, they can select the service and provider they want an appointment with. Next, they will select the date and time available. After that, they will give you basic contact information and confirm their appointment. Their information is then within the software for you to manage.