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    • 1. What am I signing up for?
      If you are a continuing education provider, you would be creating an account that enables you to list your live, in-person classes on CE Massage® has numerous requests each day as to where to find live, in-person classes, so we created this is the new platform for you to use.  The great benefit is we have both paid and free options, so it is completely up to you. Our most popular plan is the $49.99 per month all-inclusive plan, including a Microsite and Unlimited premium class listings each month.
    • 2. What are the fees?
      Depending on your plan, you may have a per-class listing fee (free or paid). Other than that, each class registration will be a $25 fee to CE Massage® which is taken out of the tuition, as well as whatever the current merchant fees for Stripe are at the time of processing. So the base formula is your class price - $25.00 CE Massage Fee - Merchant Account Fees (2.9% + $0.30 you will need to check Stripe's website for changes in fees) = Your Net
    • 3. Is CE Massage® a Bank or Money Services Business?
      We may use Stripe® Payments, Stripe® Connect, and Stripe® Relay, collectively called “Stripe® Services”. Stripe® and/or CE Massage® is not a bank or a money services business.
    • 4. Do I have to have a Stripe account? 
      If you are provider listing their class, then the answer is yes. You will need to already have a Stripe account or you can create one quickly during registration. This is how you will get paid for each student registration, that way it is seamless for the student. Please note: All transactions processed through Stripe will have merchant account fees taken out of the tuition (2.9% + $0.30 you will need to check Stripe's website for changes in fees)
    • 5. Can I use my Stripe® account “outside” of CE Massage® software program?
      The answer is Yes.  You create and control the Stripe® account, so you can use it in your own business practices and events outside of the CE Massage® software program.
    • 6. Can I process payments myself for students?
      Yes, you can. Within your Provider account on CE Massage, you have a place where you can process a student’s payment yourself and have them added to your roster. So for example, say a student calls you and wants to register; you can easily process the order via a virtual terminal within your account.
    • 7. Do I have to send you my resume? 

      No, you do not. CE Massage® Live is for already approved continuing education providers. This service allows you to advertise your current class listings. Therefore you are in charge of your business and this is a platform for you to list your live classes. 

    • 8. Do you approve CE Providers?
      No, we do not approve CE Providers. Our platform is custom software that is for providers to list their live classes that are already approved through another organization. CE Massage® is not the organization that pre-qualifies or approves the quality of the class or provides licensing credentials. 
    • 9. Do you issue certificates?
      No, CE Massage® does not issue certificates for the LIVE division. CE Massage® is the advertising software platform, and at this time does not have any online storage or generator for certificates issues by you, the provider.
    • 10. What if a student needs to cancel or reschedule?
      This is going to be up to you and your business practices. If a student needs to cancel or reschedule they would contact you and depending on your policies is how you would respond. Many providers will reschedule the student and the majority of providers have a no-refund policy.
    • 11. What if a student wants a refund?
      This is going to be up to you, as the funds from the student, go directly to you via Stripe and not through CE Massage. If you want to issue a refund you can do so within your Stripe account.
    • 12. Are CE Massage®  fees or listing fees refundable?
      Currently, CE Massage® has a no-refund policy, so absolutely no fees, listing fees or anything paid to CE Massage are refundable. is a listing platform, and is not an advertising firm/agency. We make no express, implied or guarantee to the amount of traffic/visitors a listing will receive nor the amount of registrations a listing will have, nor the advertising methods that CE Massage may or may not use. CE Massage may periodically post a listing or microsite link on social media, however, not all listings or microsites will be posted and it is at the sole discretion of CE Massage.
    • 13. What are Stripe’s merchant fees?
      You will want to check their website for the current fees, pricing and transfer/deposit schedules.
    • 14. Will I get some type of tax document?
      Most likely, if you meet the requirements (based on Stripe) you may receive a 1099-K for payments that were processed to you. You can also download all of your orders and fees to QuickBooks within your Stripe account (Login to Stripe, click ‘Account Settings’ and the ‘Data’).
    • 15. Can I download my orders to QuickBooks?
      Within Stripe you can download all of your data to QuickBooks. To access this you will login to your Stripe account and click ‘Account Settings’ under your name on the top right. Once there click ‘Data’ and you can access the download for QuickBooks.
    • 16. Can I write off CE Massage’s fees on my taxes?
      You would want to contact your accountant for exact details as CE Massage is not an accountant, but generally yes. Many people may classify it as an Advertising Fee.