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    • Is CE Massage® the provider for the live courses?
      No, CE Massage® is not the provider for the live courses unless the specific class states otherwise. Many Different live providers sign up on CE Massage® to advertise their classes to our users. You will need to verify that the provider is approved and accepted for the state or certification that you are looking to renew, as this is not CE Massage®’s responsibility.
    • How do I know my hours will count?
      You will need to verify the providers license numbers with the appropriate boards. CE Massage® does not verify nor approve continuing education providers.
    • What if I have to cancel a class that I am registered for?
      You would need to contact the provider that you are registered with. You received an email after signing up with their information. You can also find this information on your receipt within your CE Massage® account. You would call them and find out what their cancellation policy is.
    • I want a refund.
      CE Massage® does not offer refunds. The money paid goes directly to the provider so you would need to contact the provider for their cancellation, refund and rescheduling policies as nothing is refunded from CE Massage®. 
    • Will I receive a confirmation?
      After ordering, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with the providers information included. If you have further questions about the class, its location, etc. you will need to contact the provider directly as CE Massage® is not the provider.
    • Disclaimer
      Any opinions, findings, recommendations, views, expressions and/or conclusions expressed by the provider(s) or speaker(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of CE Massage®.
    • Do you verify providers?

      At this time we do not. You will need to verify with the provider and search the license numbers that they provide. Most states and organizations such as Florida, New York, NCBTMB, etc. provide the ability to search a providers license number to verify that they are in fact licensed and they are accepted to provide live continuing education.

    • Will I get a Certificate?
      Live Providers will issue you a certificate, Not CE Massage®.  For live classes, you will need to make sure to follow up with the provider when you arrive at their class.  Providers should issue you a certificate at the end of the class for proof of completion.
    • May I place an order over the Phone?
      We can do phone orders for:
         -Online Courses
         -Appointment Software
         -CE Providers 
      We cannot complete live class orders by phone at this time.
    • Do you offer online, home-study courses?
      Yes, CE Massage offers online courses that are accepted by the majority of states and organizations including NCBTMB, New York, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, Texas, Illinois and many others. To view all of our online courses please go to to find all of our online course offerings.