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Athletic Muscular Therapy
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The Fix Therapy
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Course Name - Athletic Muscular Therapy
  • Nov 25, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018
  • Cocoa Village, 430 Delannoy Avenue, , Cocoa, Florida, USA.
    Location Type : Other
  • 8
    Number of Hours
  • $31.00
    For the entire class
Course Description

Sporting event set up, 

Pre and Post Therapy on Athletes at the event.  

Assess and treat athlelets at the event.

 The Science of Athletics

Injury + Recovery, Event Protocols, Athlete Care & Conditions

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FL 20-622720

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      Thanks For Registering!!! MUST have a Packing List: for the licensed massage therapists Proof of current Liability Insurance must be shown to work. .Massage table Wheeled massage table carrier (there may not be parking close) Massage lubricant of choice Table cleaner Paper towels Hand sanitizer Food for your shift Please contact the office for more details. (321) 635-6071
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About the Provider

John Adams - Owner of The Fix Therapy & Wellness Center

Throughout my career as a Muscular Therapist, my passion has been driven mainly by the gratification of knowing I have helped someone move toward living life aware and pain free.


In 2002 John graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health with an A. S. Degree in Natural Health and Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation. John has expanded his career with extensive training in deep tissue, clinical sports therapy, therapeutic massage, neuromuscular, craniosacral, reiki and myofascial release.

John opened a practice called The Fix Therapy and Wellness Center in 2006 and has since been operating in Brevard County Florida. Seeing that the Massage industry was shifting from a salon/spa type treatment to a more medical treatment, he has made it his goal to provide a new option to the healthcare industry through Muscular Therapy treatments.  

John has been a Licensed CEU Provider for the State of Florida since 2013 and has presented at the largest Massage Therapy conventions.  He has also been featured in multiple local magazines.

He is passionate about educating the community though our podcast called The Fix Wellness Network.

At The Fix Therapy we offer shorter treatments at a fraction of the cost allowing the individual the ability to come in more frequently so the therapist can focus on results and help create the best treatment plan for their particular needs.

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